Company Profile

Founded in 1968 in Frankfort, Germany, ALONDES always believes in free breathing, clean and healthy air is the basic right of all mankind, and has been focusing on research and development, producing air purifier products with good purification time and purification effect in the world. Constantly committed to reform, innovation and sustainable development, and through the pursuit of the core values of "quality and respect, benefit sharing", further develop the company's comprehensive          competitive advantage, shape and cultivate the company's core competitiveness, and ensure that its products will continue and be stable in the future. development of.
The ALONDES air purifier was originally designed with a second-generation HEPA filter that blocks airborne dust, animal debris, and some coarse ions. However, this filter has poor permeability and low utilization. In response to this situation, ALONDES has continuously improved its technology and developed a new technology in 1975 through repeated experiments. This new technology can filter out a large part of harmful gases to achieve clean air. Now, ALONDES air purifier combines vacuum fiber activated carbon filter technology, nano HEPA high-efficiency technology and photocatalytic purification technology, and the unit volume of filtration is upgraded to 0.3 nanometers. It is known as the formaldehyde net technology and has created many miracles in the industry. .
As a high-end quality leader in the air purification industry, ALONDES excels in its class with its unique and elegant design style, exquisite appearance, high performance and quality. The company's products have won the German Red Dot Award, FDA (Zero Ozone) for many times. Energy Star (Low Energy Consumption), Allergy UK (UK Allergy Association) and many other domestic and international authoritative certifications are globally recognized as air purification products in the industry. The products are sold well in more than 70 countries in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. sure.
At present, the company has launched a brand globalization business strategy, and has begun to set up an experience center, production and after-sales service organization outside the country, in strict accordance with the EU after-sales service standards, to provide quality services to customers around the world, to create healthy, environmentally friendly air purification for global consumers. Products.
ALONDES is based on the sixth generation of HEPA (Chinese HEPA Peptide Nanotechnology), which can effectively purify formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other household decoration pollution as well as smog, secondhand smoke, dust mites, allergens, microbial contamination. Such as indoor air pollution, to help patients with respiratory diseases, allergic people reduce respiratory irritation to alleviate allergic symptoms, enhance human respiratory health and maintain a good physiological state. After the official launch of the new national standard for air purifiers in China, ALONDES air purifiers were classified into the first camp of China's home appliance research institutes with high performance, high quality and intelligence. The technical level and purification capacity are in full compliance with and exceed the new national standard. Become a new choice for consumers.
However, ALONDES air net products have a high reputation in the global air net industry, cost-effective, to provide consumers with comprehensive product information and after-sales service guarantee (new year, three years of maintenance), which is also trusted by consumers. one of the reasons.